Gateway Affiliates program offers one of the most competitive commission plans in the industry. Commissions start at 35% and goes up to 50%!

As our affiliate partner, you'll receive commissions based on the monthly volume of purchases made by your referrals on MLM Gateway. The commission rate is calculated at the end of each month and depends on the total sales volume during that same calendar month. The more sales generated by your referrals, the more you get paid.

Revenue of Sales USD Commission Rate
$0 - $1.000 35%
$1.000 - $2.000 40%
$2.000 - $5.000 45%
$5.000+ 50%
Refer an affiliate to join Gateway Affiliates and earn multi tier commissions from his referrals.

We will pay you commissions from purchases made by referrals of affiliates you bring into our program (sub-affiliates). The following table shows how many percent you make from purchases of your sub-affiliates' referrals.

Sub-Affiliate Level Commission Rate
Level 2 6%